** How To Post A Nice-Looking Cast List **

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** How To Post A Nice-Looking Cast List **

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If you cant find a cast list for a specific movie that you're looking for, you might want to create one on your own. These are a few guidelines that will make it easier for those of you who want to do that.
Just follow these steps and do as i've done in the photo below:

1. Write the name of the movie followed by the release year, or if its a TV-show, the years active in the Subject field. Write the same in the beginning of the Message Body. Set the Size to 200.

2. Put an image of the cover/poster to the movie under the title. Covers can be found on Wikipedia, for example on this wikipedia page for Sin City 2 you have the cover on the top right corner of the page. To get the image link you just press the right mouse button on the cover and copy the link.

3. Go to the IMDb page of the movie and press "Full Credits". Again, I use Sin City 2 as an example. Here you have a list of all the crew members and actors/actresses involved with the movie or TV-show. Then you'll just look up the address for these on Fanmail. Go to Google and type the name of the Actor/Actress or Crew member followed by "fanmail.biz". For example, If you want to find Bruce Willis address you'll write "Bruce Willis fanmail.biz" in Google and his page on Fanmail should show up in the hits as "Bruce Willis Address".

4. The rest is a bit complicated so i'll just post a screenshot of how i did with the Heroes cast list i made a while ago:


If you write it exactly as i've done in the image it'll turn out like this: http://www.fanmail.biz/mboard/viewtopic ... 12&t=73089

Basically, all you really need to do is replace all the names and links in the above image with the ones in the movie/tv-show that you're making a Cast list of. Its as simple as that! ;-)

I hope this helped some of you. Good luck! {up}

//Seb 8)
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