* General Rules of Requesting in Graphics Shops *

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* General Rules of Requesting in Graphics Shops *

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Hi all Fanmail.bizians, :mrgreen:

:arrow: Before requesting please check that the graphic you are requesting are actually made in that shop
:arrow: Request your graphic clearly so that the request can be understood properly
:arrow: Please always remember to thank the person supplying the Graphic
:arrow: Always credit the person who made your signature/avatar etc ...
:arrow: If you are supplying pictures to be used in the graphic, make sure that they are of reasonable quality and that the link works
:arrow: Once your graphic is made, please use it. Many shops ask that you use it for at least 3-5 days. If you're unsure of how to add it to your signature, or add your avatar, PM the shop owner, and they'll be glad to help you out.

That's the general gist of the matter ... so Have Fun!!!

HANGMAN :arrow:
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