Another member posting fake successes (with proof)

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Re: Another member posting fake successes (with proof)

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This is getting way too ridiculous...something needs to be done about these people!
I hate to say it, but this site is going downhill fast and if something isn't done it's just going to turn into one of those "other" autograph collecting website that is completely uncreditable. :(
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Re: Another member posting fake successes (with proof)

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jdp3577 wrote:that via venue address is to the fox publicity office, which to my experiance has never worked. but it doesnt matter, I dont think anything will be done. weve complained about this member many times and it hasnt helped
Oh. I've never had any experience with that particular address. I just know that other via venue addresses tend to work a bit better. Now that I know this information, however, I completely agree with you guys.

I wish something could be done. It's just an idea, but if there was some improvement on the Autograph Expert group, I think something could work. If Autograph Experts were chosen on their true expertise in the subject, they could be the ones to ultimately decide who is posting frauds. Then admin could take action from there. It seems to me that admin won't take action unless there is incontrovertible truth (and that totally makes sense). Maybe I'm just ranting, but I don't know...

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