Welcome to the Charity Collectors Forum !!!!!!

Tell us about your own charity collection, or ask for advice from our charity experts.
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Welcome to the Charity Collectors Forum !!!!!!

Post by TheCollector »

{clap} Hello and welcome to the Charity Collectors forum on Fanmail.biz ! {clap}

This forum has been set up to offer help and assistance to anyone who (like me) collects autographs for charities or non-profit auctions and sales.

I have been collecting for quite some time for a national charity and have been quite successful. I also have a pretty good idea how the PR side of the media works as I work in both TV and radio in the UK as well as in the printed media. This is why I have agreed to take over the "Moderator" role on this new forum! {up}

If you are collecting for a 'special cause' you will be aware just how rewarding it can be to get that special celebrity signature which you know will sell to raise much needed funds. This forum aims to make your collecting even more fruitful - maximum gain for the minimum of effort!

Some collectors believe collecting for charity is easy, but in fact I have found that with the current boom of autograph sales on auction websites, some celebrities are no longer that willing to provide bone-fide charity collectors with "un-dedicated" autographs. That is to say that some stars prefer to write an autograph "To Peter, or To Jemma" rather than leave the recipient open.

Having said that, collecting for charity is on the whole a rewarding experience.

Most celebrities are very happy to provide charity collectors with auctionable merchandise ranging from autographed photos through videos and DVDs right up to signed books, scripts, clothing and even props / costumes from film and TV! By assiting you, celebrities are able to promote themselves to a much wider audience it is also great PR for them!

BUT you have to go about it in the right way. . . . .

Other postings on this forum will help you with getting the most for your cause, but if you have any advice or experience of collecting for non-profit sale, whether for a school, local charity, youth group, hospital or whatever, please feel free to post your experience here.

What have you found to be especially helpful in getting merchandise? Are there any particular celebs who are more generous?

If you have any info, let us all know!

And in the meantime - good luck collecting!

Cheers! {thumb2}

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Post by RobinTreksPeru »

just wanted to add my hello to you all.

i was in this post deleting some of those lovely inappropriate postings from it and thought i would say hello to everyone.

ive been collecting for charity for quite some time now, and have had loads of success from numerous celebs.

it is, as ian said, a very difficult aspect of fundraising, takes loads of time and needs patience, but can be in the end extremely rewarding.

if anyone is after any advice about this please pm any of the three mods on this forum - each of us is as good as the other. except for me. im the best. lol. only kidding. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post by LadyRaven »

Hi there,

I am working for a lovely lady now in South Africa who has been running an HIV/AIDS Orphanage on her own for a very long time now. She gets donations of money, clothes and toys whenever people hear about us, but I thought that selling some autographs would help with raising some much needed money.

It's really expensive looking after 100 or more children ranging from new born to 17 years old.

I know that autographs will sell well in South Africa, as most people have no idea how to get autographs for themselves, or are simply uninterested in trying for themselves.

I've seen here that a lot of people have success with the celebrities in attaining autographed pictures, etc - but I need some help.. How exactly should I work such a request?
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Re: Welcome to the Charity Collectors Forum !!!!!!

Post by stepslax14 »

i was wondering who is good with charity requests? i want to raise money for the make a wish foundation because they granted my friend a wish.

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