What do I have to send via-venue?

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What do I have to send via-venue?

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What do I have to send via-venue?

Writing via-venue is where you write to a celeb at a temporary address, for example at a movie set, theater, concert venue etc.

When you decide to write via-venue you should always try to send a photo or something else to be signed. The chances are that the celeb will not have their own photos with them, and the likelyhood is that your letter will go missing before the celeb goes back home.

The rest of the process (letter/ SASE etc) is exactly the same as if you are writing to an agents address.

If the venue is a short run, you should aim to get your letter there no earlier than 3 or 4 days before the celeb is due to arrive otherwise you may well end up with a return to sender. Always ensure you write "Please hold until (date of concert)" when writing to a band/artist at a venue so staff know to hold your letter until the date of the concert.

Good luck!

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