Rules For Autographs For Sale / Exchange Section

Autographs for sale or exchange.
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Rules For Autographs For Sale / Exchange Section

Post by jasonw »

Rules for Posting a Sales Topic

1. In order to post in the forum a user must have at least 100 Constructive posts and must have been a member for at least 3 months. If you have not been a member for 3 months and do not have 100 constructive (helpful) posts your topic will be deleted.

2. If a user is creating a post in which they are selling an item(s) then they must include where/how they got the item, the price, and scans of the item. If not, their post will be deleted.

3. Users may only sell autograph related items (i.e. pictures, posters, autographs, stamps, etc.) all other posts will be deleted.

4. If a user receives 3 negative feedbacks in the feedbacks section they will be banned from posting in the sale/trade forum.

Rules for Sales Feedback

Feedback Topic: ... 7&t=104445

This is how the feedback topic is going to work:

1. The feedback section is in effect from this point forward, no past transactions will be eligible for feedback as it's too hard to come up with proof as topics have been locked/deleted.

2. During the transaction post in the thread of the item you are buying/selling stating that you either "sent payment", "sent autograph/stamps/IRC/poster etc", "received payment", "received autograph/stamps/IRC/poster etc." That way it's hard proof that things were sent but not received or things were sent and received. That way when you want to leave either positive or negative feedback there is proof within the thread that things were actually sent and/or received.

3. After an item being brought/sold has been confirmed by both parties that the item/ payment has been received in the original item thread, feedbacks can be left. So for example, you must post in the item thread along the lines "Payment received" or "Item received".

4. Post the item link with both the buyer and seller having confirmed that "payment is received" or "Item is received" in the Feedback section and one the Moderators/ Autograph Experts will see if the feedback is valid and they shall update the lists accordingly.

5. However, if the item/ payment hasn't been received, you can post in the Feedback section directly with the item link to leave a negative feedback for your seller/ buyer.

6. Only buyers/ Sellers with more then 50 constructive posts can leave feedbacks.

7. Post the link in the feedback section no later than 2 days after the deal is done so that the thread can be locked and deleted.. That way both the Sale/Trade forum stays up to date and clean and the Feedback forum as well.

At the end, the feedbacks will look something like this:

Member 1: +7
Member 2: +6
Member 3: +4
Member 4: +2
Member 5: -1

If a member receives more than 3 negative feedbacks, he/she will be banned from the Autograph For Sell/ Exchange forum.

Please Note: This is only the Rules section, the actually Feedback is here .

PM Admin, Osiris if you have got any questions.

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Post by glucklich »

Rules have been updated. Please read them prior to posting feedback.

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