Question about writing to book authors...

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Question about writing to book authors...

Post by Cartoon »

This is my first time ever to request autographs from any famous folks, so please bear with me.

I have a few questions in regards to requesting autographs from book authors...

1.) When writing a book author for a bookplate, do I need to include a blank bookplate in with my letter, or just hope that they send me one back, signed? Is it rude to include one already in the envelope? Just wondering...

3.) Are there any other things that I should or shouldn't include in the envelope?

Some advice would be nice! Thanks!


Re: Question about writing to book authors...

Post by RYAN J. »

Most Authors have bookplates to send out already, but if you happen to have one, you can always send it along.

You'll need to send along a SASE, which is basically another envelope with your address on it and a stamp. that way they can reply back to you. {up}

hope that helps!

RYAN J. 8)

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