'help the hospices'

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'help the hospices'

Post by kate! »


I work for Towergate, a large Insurance Underwriting Group. For many years they have supported 'Help the Hospices' both locally and nationally.
2006, though, is the year we'll really make a difference.

Towergate are going to fund the build of a new residential hospice -
From the design to the construction.

In order to raise some of the money to do so, we'll be doing all sorts of fundraising.

Inspired and touched by the care hospices offer, I became part of the 'Fundraising Team' for our office. We, alone, are looking to raise at least £10,000.
I'm organising an auction as part of the fundraising. And hope to include some signed memorabilia and autographs.

I'm just collecting a few addresses right now, but i'll get writing shortly..

I'll keep you all updated with how it goes!

As a newbie to this lark, any help, advise or suggestions would be very much appreciated! :D
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Post by Joey »

Hey kate!

Ian, a very experienced autograph collector mainly for charities as well as a veteran moderator of this forum, has posted this information:


I hope you find it helpful!

Joey {up}
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Post by TheCollector »

:oops: Thanks for the kind intro Joey :mrgreen:

Hi kate! {up}

Thanks for letting us know about your charity collection project. :P

I would be very happy to help in any way I can, but I would suggest you have a look around the charity forum for some good ideas, and then let me know how I can help you further!

You can either PM me or post here.

I look forward to chatting more!!!!!

Ian Image
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Post by kate! »

Thanks very much Joey & Ian for the kind welcome!

I've been having a poke about the forum and its been an excellant help getting me started.

And Ian - You sure look like a master at collecting!
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Hi again

Post by celebrityfan »

Hi Kate!

Good luck with your auction, and take in as much knowledge from Ian as you can. He's a legend!
:D Steph :D

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Post by James »

Hi Kate and Good Luck in your auction {up}

Charity Auction

Post by matthewsparks2002 »

Hi just read this forum about Charity Auction.
My partner and i are doing one for Demelza House in kent.

I didn't realsie how much hard work is involved.

But any source sharing we greatly appreciated.

sucesses so far.
Frank Carson.
Raymond Briggs.
Katie Melu
Bobby Charlton

All in a reasonably short space of time of sending the letter.

No can dos so far

Elton John
Richard Branson

But they are very generous in there own way and very busy so you can't expect a 100% sucess rate.

Also found this site that is good for getting contact addresses for authors.

Good Luck from someone who knows.

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