Bob Barker SUCCESS!

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Bob Barker SUCCESS!

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Legendary game show MC Bob Barker is currently on a book tour for his new autobiography "Priceless Memories." Mr. Barker appeared at a Borders on New York's East Side last night to sign copies of his new book. Before he arrived, it was announced that there would be no personalizations and that Mr. Barker would only sign the book. I was about the 15th person on line of about 200 people waiting to get their books signed when Mr. Barker arrived. As I was getting my book signed, I told Mr. Barker that I am a longtime fan of the show and of his. He said "I appreciate your loyalty, I thank you for coming tonight, and I hope you enjoy the book!" What a nice man!

Re: Bob Barker SUCCESS!

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Splendid success! I got him earlier this year and he put that "I appreciate your loyalty" quote on my index card! :D

RYAN J. 8)

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