Top 10 Movie Premiere Tips

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Re: Top 10 Movie Premiere Tips

Post by mads75 »

can someone tell me at what time in the morning can we get the wristband for the premiere in London at Leicester square ? thanks {up}
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Re: Top 10 Movie Premiere Tips

Post by tardis2006johnb »

I wouldn't even mess with premieres anymore. These premieres have gone to the ebayers and dealers. They will camp out day's in advance and then save spot's for the other dealers/ebayers that can't make it early enough. They will take all the good and prime spots. So you'd be extremely lucky that the celebrities will even come to your area. After all this and you are still lucky that the celebrity comes over to you most likely they will have a bad pen/sharpie that doesn't work and all you'll get is a scribble AND in a dark spot. And you'd be even lucky to get one autograph. The last premiere I did good at was the first Ant Man premiere. How many years was that! That was because I fortunately was in a good spot and the celebrities started off where I was. That time the dealers didn't pick the right spot. Nowadays' it's not worth it putting all the effort and waiting. I don't know how it is for premieres in the UK and other countries but it looks to me that there still doable.

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