Waiting Time

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Waiting Time

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It has become a growing concern with the new members, and those who are new to the hobby about how long they should wait to receive an autograph reply.

Here's my advise

If mailing a to a celeb in your own country:

Mailing to a celeb in your own country will often get you a faster response than when mailing out of country. Most celebs will take an average of 3-5 months for a reply, but many will sign faster. Some successes I've had have taken a week, while others have taken over a year. Many times celebrities will sign only a few a day, so take this into account when wondering why yours isn't back yet. Also take into account that a celebs schedule can affect the delivery time as well...Ex: A request to a former baseball player will probably take a lot less time than a reques to an A-List celeb that is filiming different movies at any given time.
When mailing to a celeb in your own country, always try to include a SASE (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Evenlope). This will help to get your reply faster.

If mailing to a celeb outside your country:

These requests will likely take longer as many of them will have to travel overseas, or will have to travel by air over a great distance. Many postal organizations (USPS for example) try to have their mail there within a week. Keep in mind that when sending a request. As was said above, most celebs can only sign a few a day and as a result will take time. Overseas requests can take just as long, or just as quick an amount of time to get back.
When sending a request to a celeb out of your contry, always try to include IRCs (International Reply Coupons) as they will provide the celeb with a means to get postage for their country to mail your autograph back to you. It is also a good idea to include a SAE (Self-Addressed-Envelope) to allow the celb to simply put the auto into it, and apply a stamp...this will also help your reply to get back you as quick as can be.

When using emails to request autographs:

Emails can both be a quick and easy way to get an autograph of who you like, but they can also be a waiting game as well. Like the 2 above scenarios, they can take a couple of days, or they can take well over a year. Remember that depending on where you are in the world, and where the celeb is in the world, that will effect the time.

I hope this was helpful to all who need help.

Remember these two things for general knowledge

1 - No matter how you request an autograph, always be polite
2 - This hobby is all about paitence.

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