Please Check The Date Before Replying To A Thread


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Please Check The Date Before Replying To A Thread

Post by rpbluesman »

Recently many members have begun replying to threads that are 3 months and older, most notably in the Feedback forum.

This creates a tri-fold problem.

1 - It means that the moderators have to go and lock the threads in addition to their other duties.
2 - It will bump topics that need replying off the main page
3 - Other members will reply as well, adding to #2.

Please stay away from old threads. You are more than welcome to read old threads, but please do not reply to them. If you did a search, or if you somehow ended up on a triple-digit page in the feedback forum, check the date before making your reply. A good rule of thumb is that if the topic is older than 2 months, please leave it alone, locked or not.

Old topics used to be locked automatically, but for now we, as moderators have to go in and manually lock the old topics. Please make it easier for us by not replying to them.

Thanks staff 8)
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Re: Please Check The Date Before Replying To A Thread

Post by admin »

Hi Daniel :)

OK, I'm going to lock the old posts after one month like before ;-)

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