Oscar Nunez success!

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Autograph Collector
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Oscar Nunez success!

Post by caitlinrosee »

Sent: LOR, SASE, 4x6 to address in database on 7/28
Received: 4x6 signed and personalized on 8/25
Uploaded with surfmypictures
Most Wanted: BMW/GMW Cast (Have: Topanga*; Harley Keiner*, Maya Hart, MISTER FEENY, Dean Bolander), OUAT & OUATiW cast (Have: Charming, Jefferson*, Elsa* x2, Anna* x2, Peter Pan, EMMA SWAN, Robin Hood*, Zelena*, Prince Philip, White Rabbit, Jabberwocky, Belle, Rumple, SNOW WHITE*), The Office cast (Have: Jim*, Pam*x2, Dwight*, Creed*, Phyllis*, David Wallace*, Oscar, Ryan, Nellie, Pete, Penny Beesly), Original Degrassi:TNG Cast (with some extras who came later but who I really liked)(Have: Craig*, Angela/Tori, Sean, Peter, Manny, JT, Jane), Gossip Girl cast (Have: Dan Humphrey*, Juliet Sharp*, Agnes Andrews*), Orange is the New Black cast (Have: Daya, Piper, Yoga Jones, Morello, Gloria), Teen Wolf cast (Have: Scott McCall*, Peter Hale*, Kira*, Sheriff Stilinski*x2; Melissa McCall*; Lydia*; Derek x2*; Coach*; Ethan*; Chris Argent x3*x; Victoria Argent x2*; Jennifer Blake*; Liam), The Flash cast (Have: Iris, Caitlin, Eddie, Dr. Wells)

* - At least one IP.
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Re: Oscar Nunez success!

Post by admin »

Hi caitlinrosee :)

Thank you for your feedback {up} Great Success :P

You have been added to the list for the $10 gift certificate.

Oscar Nunez
Kazarian/Spencer/Ruskin & Associates, Inc.
11969 Ventura Blvd.
3rd Floor
Box 7409
Studio City, CA 91604

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