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Fanmail Alerts

Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 8:30 am
by admin
Receive email updates for your favorite celebrities when:

A new movie set / theatre address is available to contact them (Via Venue).
A new feedback is posted on the forum.
New photos are available in the photo gallery.

It's 100% Free! <<arrow$

Note: You have to create a new account to use this service even if you are already registered on this message board.

Ex: To receive a email when a new "Via Venue" address is available for actor Andrew Lincoln:

1. Go to Andrew Lincoln page:
2. Click on "Send me an email next time a feedback is posted"


3. Go to then Sign up

Do not forget to create a "Via Venue" alert (1) and add it to your alerts (2)



That's it! :)


Fanmail 8)