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Please do not forget to include the celebrity's name, the address, and the sent & received dates. Celeb should be ok to receive fan mail at the address used 8)

You can upload your scan here: (files under 500kB)

Thank you {up}

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 Post subject: Re: Bobby Hart Songwriter and singer
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:14 am 

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It is obvious northwellguy who is darcey dirk who lives at 502 flannery drive fergus on in canada needs help. he is totaly confused about who is who on this forum. Lol he she whatever it is seems to think its a woman that has cats for some reason. Oh dear. 

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 Post subject: Re: Bobby Hart Songwriter and singer
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:45 pm 

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northwellguy wrote:

A final post in this matter.

Caappy ~ AnonymousAutographs ~ AutographDiva ~ dancingirl1 or 2 or whatever

It is obvious that some of you (if not all) are the same person

You have significant issues.
As I said before I encourage you to seek professional psychiatric help.

1. You have multiple personalities on this forum.
2. You talk to yourself and have full conversations.
3. You attack others on this forum in a petulant childish way and that is anti-social behavior.
4. You do not use the forum for what it is intended which is, again, anti-social behavior.
5. You post personal information about others to childishly try to intimidate them over the internet.
6. You childishly troll threads for some kind of self-gratification.
7. You childishly bully other members for some kind of self-gratification.

I could go on but I am done here.
I am done with you.
I feel that I want to help you, but I just don't have the energy.
I have all your handles on ignore.

While I am sure you will come on here and rant, rave, drool, scream, or maybe all at the same time.

Rest assured I will not see it.

I have reported you to admin.
Hopefully you are banned from this site for everyone's sanity.

Have a nice life and, seriously, please, see a doctor soon.

For everyone else you have my apologies for this situation. I played a part in it and I am sorry.
Keep getting those TTM's!

lol stop crying you pu$$y. the admin wont do anything and you know it x

made this account coz i thought dancingirl1 was a dick ...... then i saw bobbysautographs LOL :D

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 Post subject: Re: Bobby Hart Songwriter and singer
PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:55 am 
$10 gift certificate winner.
$10 gift certificate winner.
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Haha! I did not even post on this one and still got a mention! One more time kids, I have one account. I have had the same account for years. Paranoia is an obvious mental issue for some on this board. I have helped and dealt with many other collectors over the years. All correspondence have been from with my board name "autographdiva" or my companies name "Celebrity By MK". I can be found at any number of autograph shows across the US in person. No need to lie or play games here.

Crappys issue with me is that I called him out publicly for copying my collection. It can be proven and is obvious. Just look at his successes and when they were received v/s when posted on my site. Crappy is an amateur hack. I mean really, who has absolutely no access to anyway to upload a photo nowadays!? You are either lying or lazy. Based on what I have seen, I will go with the first option. While I have personally had issues with dancinggirl in the past, I can say that he always tells the truth. Something to be desired from other posters here.

My entire point is, this site is full of false successes from dishonest collectors. Posts of success without a photo is, in fact, spam and not what this site was built on. One of many reasons this site is now a total disaster and no longer considered a valuable resource for serious collectors. It like many of its users are a joke. So, in retrospect, why waste my time here? Aside from the fact that I get bored at work a lot, I still communicate with a few of the more honest and reputable people here. Don't want **** when you post fake successes, don't post. All you accomplish with all of your bs is making yourself look like a liar, damaging the hobby of autograph collecting hobby and turning people off that were once a valuable asset for fellow collectors. Okay, I am done here again...this gets more boring than work, pretty quickly! Ha!

Most of my collection can be viewed here:

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