Joe Johnston (Director)

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Joe Johnston (Director)

Post by ryeinc »

Mr. Johnston was a director of "Jurassic Park III" (I'm a big fan of the JP Trilogy)

Anyone have his address?

Thank you,

I'm a HUGE Jurassic Park fan, it's my favorite movie. I love collecting autographs

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Re: Joe Johnston (Director)

Post by sforce »

You can try this address. Not sure it will work.

Joe Johnston
The Firm
2049 Century Park E
Suite 2550
Los Angeles, CA 90067-3139
Only do Sports cards!

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Re: Joe Johnston (Director)

Post by RYAN J. »

Joe doesn't sign TTM. Check out they had some for sale a little while ago. they might have sold out, I'm not sure.

RYAN J. 8)

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